Service Visits

Danmar Systems offers full maintenance service; we can visit your site and review requirements. Where possible, we always aim to keep your old washroom facilities fully functional so you don’t need to change them.

Our Maintenance service will include

  • Checking of all cubicles and components to ensure that all fittings are in place and secure adjustments will be made on site if necessary.
  • Checking of all lockers hinges and doors, adjustment will be made on site.
  • Checking od washroom access panels (IPS)

On-site repair

After we check your site we will let you know if all components are repairable then we will let you know the cost for the on-site repair.

If you have broken components, we will arrange a visit to discuss the parts required for a supply and install job.

If you wish discuss an on-site repair, please contact us here or call the Maintenance team on +44 7789 39 0107